Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Crunch Time Dammit!

What do you do when your report cards are due and you realize that a student missed a question in a test?

Well, if you're me, you put your self into the shoes of your student, and answer the question as you think they would.

Luckily for me, this is grade one.

Even more luckily is that there was no writing involved (seriously, this kid's writing is atrocious - and even my fake atrocious writing would be too need to resemble his). He forgot to colour to show an ABB pattern for a math test, and since it was only worth one mark (and only colouring was involved) and I knew he KNEW it, I grabbed an orange and blue and started to scribble the ABB pattern, colouring outside the lines and everything.

You do what you gotta do!

9 days left!


East Coast Teacher said...

Was it a standardized test?

Because when I first read your question, my answer was: You mark it wrong.

If they don't answer it, doesn't that automatically count as incorrect, regardless of if they're in first grade or high school?

And what difference would it make on the report card?

rookie teacher said...

Nope not a standardized test.

The student in question just happened to miss the question ... had I noticed when he handed it in I would've asked him to complete the question he missed.

It made no difference on the report card, but I didn't want to send it home for the parents to sign with an unanswered question.